Modern hardware saves credit control company.

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Ashley Gorell

6/12/20231 min read

man using MacBook
man using MacBook

Ringrose Credit Control, a leading financial services company, was facing significant challenges in terms of server infrastructure. The company was using outdated hardware that was not only expensive to maintain but also posed a risk to their data security. To address these issues, Ringrose Credit Control sought the services of Preferred IT, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions.

Preferred IT conducted a thorough analysis of Ringrose Credit Control’s IT infrastructure and recommended virtualizing their servers with modern hardware. This solution not only reduced maintenance costs but also provided greater flexibility and scalability to the company’s operations. With Preferred IT’s expert guidance, Ringrose Credit Control was able to save thousands of dollars in operational costs and improve their overall productivity. This successful case study is a testament to Preferred IT’s commitment to providing customized solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses.

Key points

  • Virtualization of servers

  • Modern hardware solutions

  • Cost savings

  • Digitalization of paper-based processes

  • Custom reporting solution